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Sniper Suicide, Insecticide turn suicidal killer for Nigerians

Sniper is not an easy killer, it’s an organ eating liquid monster.

Sniper is a DDVP 2,2.

Sniper is a Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl phosphate compound, produced by ndi Swiss Nigeria Chemical Compound.

When you blindly drink sniper, that you want to kill yourself, this is what will happen to you

1. Your eyeballs will swim in its own water as forced tears escapes from its reservoir

2. You will have serious discharges from your nose…oh! it’s late, you will have no control over these happenings now.

3. A banging migraine will set in. You will hold unto your head and scream like it wants to explode.

4. Your chest will tighten, forcing close , making sure that your body have lost control over it.

5. You will be on the floor by now, screaming through all your senses, as saliva pours out from your mouth like a slow mini river

6. You will mess yourself up with vomiting so much that you will long to vomit your intestines too, to be relieved, because you are now in so much regrets for taking the sniper, but  no way out …sniper must finish it’s job.

7. The rest of the crises comes in turns as you shit all over yourself,sweating ,muscle fasciculation, your blood pressure will go low, convulsions, then, your life will be squeezed out of you through the shutting down of your lungs and kidney….cardiac arrest will aid your departure.

people will meet you when you are dead, with your eyes wide open, drooling, a lot of poo in your underwear, your body twisted in a strange position as you tried to fight off the pain and crises, and they will observe the signs of struggle in the room you took the sniper…cos you will climb the walls, tear the sheets, rip some of your hairs off, just to quail the killing pain…some run off from their houses,screaming for help, that they drank sniper and they ended up in the hospital.

If you are lucky, your system could be flushed when it has not shut down everything, if you are unlucky, you will die on your way to the hospital, or in the hospital…but in your dead eyes, the last memorial record in it, before your terrorized brain, shuts down, is “regrets” .

You can see, it’s not an easy death.

in case of your useless necessities, you are among those waiting on queue to snipe yourself out.., know that the dead cannot come back to tell you their experiences with sniper…that 100ml ,200/300 naira otapiapia, is a terminator…a gradually, ruthless, wicked terminator.

You are deceived when they make you believe that sniper is the easiest way out, NO! it will slowly devour you from the inside, as it shuts down your organs one by one in a tearing order.

It’s only a bullet to your head, measured well, not to miss the brain, that can be the fast killer you anticipated, not sniper.

If you are depressed, drink more of cold juices, while you think your way out. Suicide is not a joke

You don’t wanna mess with that insecticide called SNIPER.

Written by Anayo Merit Omasirichi


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