Home Comedy A short joke – My little Brother

A short joke – My little Brother

A short joke – My little Brother

A short joke - My little Brother

Two of my friends came visiting with their girlfriends and we decided to go out on a picnic, along with my little brother.

After packing food and all we needed, we set off to a quiet beach. After chatting and taking pictures for few minutes, we decided to eat and begun to unpack the basket which had the food in it, only for us to discover we forgot the spoons at home. I told my little brother to go get it while we wait. He replied saying ”I know u want to trick me so you can eat the whole food before I come back.  I promised him we would wait for his return but he refused. After much persuasion and promises, he decided to go.

My friends and I started chatting and gisting to while away time and wait for my brother’s arrival. After 1hr, there was no sign of him. 2hrs went by, and I began wondering what could have delayed him because the distance between our house and the beach can be covered within 30mins. My friends and I were already getting hungry but we decided to wait a little longer for my Brother’s return. After 4hrs, the hunger was so unbearable that we decided to taste the food. As we were about tasting the foods ????  we heard a rumble in a nearby bush and there, my brother Jumped out from behind a tree shouting *”I said it,

I knew you would eat the food before I return,



Father lord!!

I have to ask him again “hope this is not a joke right??”???? He replied “I have been watching y’all. I’m not going Again. ???????????????????? Now, all my mind was saying was “to break his dump head, ????????????????????????????


If u were in my shoes, what would you have done to your brother…?????????????????????????????????????????…



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