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Differences between the rich and the poor – Gloria Okonye

Differences between the rich and the poor – Gloria Okonya

When I was young I used to think that some people are born rich and some are born poor. As I began to grow along side acquiring knowledge I got to understand that we all are born EQUAL.

A typical example, you will agree with me that some born into a rich background can end up poor and some born into a poor background can end up rich.
It all boils down to the fact that in life you choose your future because it’s not about your background, gender, color, degrees and it’s not about money. Money can’t make you rich!

You see the society has painted poverty to be a curse but it’s not and can never be. Poverty is a simply a CONDITION of the MIND. “It’s a mind thing” To be rich is to have a rich mindset and to be poor is to have a poor mindset. Please take note we all are reflections of what we think. And the real change in life is from inside out not from outside in.

1) THE RICH SEE OPPORTUNITIES, THE POOR SEE OBSTACLES- The rich always create opportunities in every situation surrounding them. They create platforms for themselves. The poor don’t. The rich see potential growth while the poor see potential loss. This is why the rich focus on the reward and the poor focus on the risk. The rich take responsibilities of their lives and actions.

2) THE RICH PLAN, THE POOR DON’T- The rich have plans that they follow .They write out all their plans and set goals for them. No plan works without goals. They plan every move and actions. Their plans makes them discipline to a course.The poor don’t, they wait on life to give them whatever they think they deserve but life has nothing to offer to you than to make you less. The rich are intentional about their lives and thus define their success.

3) THE RICH KEEP LEARNING WHILE THE POOR ASSUME THEY KNOW IT ALL- The rich value money by enhancing shear knowledge in any field.The poor don’t. They are not ready to invest their money, time,resources into books, tapes,seminar and purposeful meetings to acquire knowledge because they just assume they know it all. Guess what? The person that assume to know it all is the person that needs to know because he/she doesn’t know a thing. To be rich you have to learn, unlearn and learn again.

4) THE RICH VIEW MONEY AS AN INSTRUMENT TO ACQUIRE ASSETS THAT APPRECIATE .THE POOR VIEW MONEY AS AN INSTRUMENT OF EXCHANGE- Wealth values return on investment that intensifies return in a monetary sense. The poor view money as something to be saved and keep saving for liabilities without investing .Value is not about cost but about long term benefit.

5) THE RICH ARE SOLUTION ORIENTED. THE POOR ARE NOT- They simply avoid problems and complain about it .but the rich don’t. They face their problems or challenges and defeat them. They are the true warriors,victors and conquerors.

6) THE RICH ARE COMMITTED TO BEING RICH, THE POOR SIMPLY WANT TO BE RICH- The rich focus on what they want while the poor focus on what they don’t have.The rich do not send mixed messages to the universe but the poor do. They are unwavering in their pursuit of being wealthy in life.They say I will be rich or I will die trying. They follow one path and follow it through. They are not jack of all trade and master of non, like the poor that are always jumping from one business to another or career to another.

7) THE RICH CHOOSE THEIR ASSOCIATION WITH UTMOST DELIBERATION BUT THE POOR DON’T- Unlike the law of physics, it States that like terms repels and unlike terms attract. The law of life States that like terms attract and unlike terms repels. You choose your friends they don’t choose you. You see the poor they resent the rich and wish not to be like them, but the rich admire the rich and aim to be better.
Association is very important in life. If you want to be rich you must choose like minds like you. Proverb 13:20 says that whoever walks with the wise WILL become wise; whoever walks with fools WILL suffer harm.

8) THE RICH HAVE MONEY WORK HARD FOR THEM BUT THE POOR WORK HARD FOR THE MONEY- You see the rich they work with money while the poor work for the money. The rich see every Naira as a seed to be planted to yield hundreds of Naira which can be replanted to yield thousands of Naira. This is smart work!

9) THE RICH BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES BUT THE POOR DON’T- The rich believe in their abilities, dreams and values and they don’t doubt themselves. The poor actually do. Rich people strive to be wealthy and never take failure as an option. There are no buts, maybes, ifs, excuses and no procrastination. As they know that getting rich takes a lot of focus, courage, knowledge, 100% effort, sacrifices, risks, a never giving up attitude and a rich mindset. They know that to get paid is directly proportional to the value you create in the market place because it’s about living true to your mission and about sharing those exceptional gifts that you carry.

10) THE RICH PLAY THE MONEY GAME TO WIN BUT THE POOR PLAY THE MONEY GAME NOT TO LOOSE – My friend it’s better to shoot for the heavens and at least hit the moon than not trying at all. The rich are always thinking big while the poor are always thinking small no wonder they see small. You are a direct proportion of what you think, see and do.

Staying the same in life is thinking the same. If you must change then you must change your mindset.


Okonye Gloria Ukamaka


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