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How can i sustain my relationship? Some Basic Relationship tips


How can i sustain my relationship? Some Basic Relationship tips
Rose ????

If you are asking yourself or have asked yourself this question, it therefore means you want an improvement in your relationship. And I like the kind of person you are! You want to get better and that’s great.


One thing is to be in a relationship and another thing is to sustain it. It’s of utmost truth that love is not enough to sustain a relationship.

It has been proven that love can last up to the maximum of two years before it fades.


When you are in love with someone especially at the beginning of the relationship, you would want to do anything and everything possible to be with and to please the person.

Why do you want to do that? Simple, to make the person happy and to satisfy your lover. Can you really satisfy someone?

The answer is NO. No human on the surface of this earth can but only God can. So, my dear don’t push yourself so hard. Okay?

All you need do is to stay with me as I show you ways as to how you can sustain your relationship.



Trust? Yes trust!! What has trust got to do with this? My dear everything.

Trust is one of the basic things to sustain your relationship. Some people say I don’t trust anyone but I think what they should say is,

I don’t expect anything from you and so I can’t be disappointed by what you do or say. You must trust your lover else it will crash. Trust is not the same as believing in someone.


When you trust your lover, he/she opens up to tell you everything anytime and anywhere. It takes someone who is trust worthy to trust someone else.

You can’t give what you don’t have. Trust creates room for honesty. Trust your lover and he /she will trust you with everything.



We call, text, chat with each other every now and then is not enough. Majority of us focus on the verbal and don’t know or have forgotten about the signs we speak everyday.

So, you now see the communication I’m talking about right? Try learn his/her love languages.

For you to communicate effectively. You can learn more about it by reading 5 love languages by Gary Chapman.



Most people are just so difficult to be with but I’m sure you are not and that’s why you are reading this article.

You have to understand your lover both verbally and the signs they speak. Without proper communication there can’t be understanding in your relationship.

For you to understand, you need to be an attentive listener. Not someone that assumes or jump into conclusion easily or judge too much.



Everyone needs one thing and that is air. You and I needs to breathe. Most people suffocate their lover to death with their presence, demands and unnecessary arguments.

Come on, give your lover a space to breathe. Allow your lover to enjoy his/her life. You should know that your partner has a life to live, dreams to fulfill and career to pursue.

 Basic steps to sustain my Relationship

Allow your partner to hang out with his/her friends. You shouldn’t expect your lover to cut off from his/her friends simply because your lover is dating you.

That’s selfishness and tells how unsecured you are. You see! Set your partner free and let your partner reveal his/herself. Freedom reveals.



Your commitment determines your level of seriousness. No commitment no relationship. Nobody wants to be with someone who is not serious.

Your attention, time, availability and giving reveals how committed you are.



I have you now so, no need to work hard. Sure way of losing your lover. Keep looking good, taking care of yourself, caring, loving. Keep being friendly, nice funny and keep watching each other’s back.


Okonye Gloria Ukamaka






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