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Why you should change your beliefs about rape and rape victims


Rape is a degrading, humiliating and painful experience which no woman enjoys. Some rape victims go through years of trauma, nightmares and suicidal feelings.

What you are wearing has nothing to do with why you are raped. Many women are raped in their school uniforms or pyjamas.

If a man wants to rape you, he will not be looking at what you’re wearing.

He doesn’t see you as a person, but an object that he can use or abuse. Women as young as 18 months and women as old as 96 have been raped.

Girls and women are potential rape victims at any age.

The rapist is not looking for someone young or sexy. He’s looking for someone who’s afraid.

MYTH –  only females get raped.
FACT – Men are also raped, usually by heterosexual men, but they are unlikely to report it because of fears of being seen as homosexual, or abnormal.

Men who are raped experience the same kind of humiliation and distress as women.

MYTH – Women who are raped are scarred for life.
FACT – Women do survive rape physically and emotionally, and in the process can become stronger, more self-respecting and aware.

MYTH – Most women say ‘no’ when they mean ‘yes’. They just want to know if a man is strong and can get what he wants.
FACT – When a girl or woman says no, she means no.

MYTH – Men rape because they are desperate for sex, their wives are frigid or they can’t get a girlfriend.
FACT – Men rape because they want power and control over someone weaker than themselves.

Why you should change your beliefs about rape and rape victims


They use their penis as a weapon to control and humiliate their victim.

They rape because their own lives are inadequate and unfulfilled. They do not rape for sexual satisfaction.

Most rapists do not enjoy the sex, they say things like “I didn’t enjoy the sex, just the fear in her eyes. ” Rapists often don’t ejaculated. Nobody enjoys being raped. she says NO,NO means NO.
no matter how bad you want a lady, its always right to respect her decisions,never force her to go against her own will.
If she offended you,approach her in a right manner.
If you want something from her just ask without force.
If you want to give her the money just give her without asking for sex in return and when you ask and she doesnt give it to you,never ever take it by force.
If you want to give her that job just give her without asking for sex in return.
Dont take advantage of her because she is your servant,she also has a right to life.

Shout out to all the ladies who have in one way or the other gone through this heartbreaking trauma, thank you for staying strong.
Do not die in silence though and never kill yourself for anything in the world….

what doesn’t  kill you makes you stronger.

Source  – *ARHORE AGNES*



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