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Our Fantasy About The Perfect relationship Is Only a Myth – Expert says






Our fantasy about relationship is only a myth, if we don’t put anything into it. If you ask most people about how they want their relationship to be? They will simply tell fantasies, if you want your relationship to be sweet , you must be sweet.


Your relationship is directly proportional to what you and your partner put into. Your relationship is simply an expression of you both.


That is why you must get a like minded person as you are. Someone that share the same belief system with you. Get someone who is like you. Only this can you guys come to agree on a thing.


Stop wasting your time hoping to meet that perfect person. As a matter of fact such people don’t exist. They are only found in your head. Instead be with someone that always want to get better to serve you better.


Your being better shouldn’t just be about yourself. It should also show on your partner. When you are always complaining, your partner is never happy but when you stop complaining all the time, your partner becomes happy. In others words has become better.


Relationship is hard work don’t be deceived by anyone. That who will be in your life will be. That is the language of someone who doesn’t know what and who fits he or she. When you know who fits you, you work hard to become that person, so you can attract that person.


If one doesn’t work on his or her career, you have no career, Likewise relationship. You want a happily ever after? Make it happen. You want that relationship to lead to marriage, make it happen. See whatever you want to see happen in your relationship is determined by how much you are will to put into it.


It is what you put into your relationship, that your relationship has and that it gives out. A perfect picture or fantasy is not a relationship. Relationship is real, and requires true persons to make it true.


Be yourself but never remain the same. Always become better than your yesterday, no matter what. It is not money it takes to become better(that is why have so many rich fools out there) but learning and learning with the right information

Source  Gloria Okonye

(Relationship counsellor)


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