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Why Temperament Affects Your Relationship’s!


During my coaching experience with people, I have found out that one of the reasons why many relationships do not last is because of people’s ignorance on temperaments.

Understanding your partner’s temperament is very vital and has a long way in making your relationship relational.

There a four primary temperaments which are; sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic.

There are also secondary temperaments which are blends of each of these four temperaments.

For more details get the book ” Why we act the way we do” by Tim LaHaye.

We act the way we do because of these temperaments. I will give a brief and concise notes on each of four primary personality types.

People with this personality type are highly extrovert, lively, entertaining, playful, funny carefree, optimistic, disorganized, persuasive, enthusiastic, impulsive, competitive, expressive and very affectionate.

They are receptive and build relationship quickly. They are very open and exaggerate a lot when telling stories. They are very emotional people and easily have mood swing.

They are extrovert but unlike the sanguines. They are positive, active quick thinkers, strong willed, easily annoyed, self-sufficient, independent minded, self confident, crusaders, domineering, decisive, opinionated, visionaries and they never run out of ideas, plans and goals.

They like to control and change people. They are usually practical, straightforward, analytical, logical, and result oriented. They slow to build relationships thus they have few friends.

They are introverts, perfectionist, cautious, detailed oriented, private, indirect, reserved, suspicious, picky, well organized. Always like doing the right things. They are very inquisitive. They are not risk takers.

They need reassurance especially from their partner of the love they share. They are skeptical almost about everything but they are creative and competent people.

They are extremely introverts, calm, unemotional, easygoing, indecisive, patient, agreeable, service oriented and usually the peoples person. They dislike conflict and desire peace and harmony at all cost.

Never try to change them. They are loyal to their friends and family, they find it difficult to end a long lasting relationship and if broken they hardly return.

They are passive in their environment and easily procrastinate. They live a quiet, routine life and are persistent and consistent in whatever they do.

Source – Gloria  Okonye


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