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Tips To Safeguard Your Marriage; Gloria Okonye writes!


    A man does not need love but needs RESPECT. He interprets respect as LOVE . That’s God instructed the wives to respect their husbands. This is your duty as a woman, that’s the language he understands. And he will have no other choice but to adore you.

The greatest need of a woman is not RESPECT but LOVE. A woman does not need respect as much as she needs love. She interprets love as AFFECTION.

Tips To Safeguard Your Marriage

God told husbands to love their wives even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. Your duty as a man is to love your wife unconditionally. Not to count her flaws but to love truly.

AFFECTION is not SEX  ‘point of correction’ sex is not affection. biko. Affection comes before sex. Sex is an effect of affection.

As a man the day you stop saying I love you to your woman is the day she starts assuming that you don’t love her anymore. Keep saying it and never stop talking it. She needs constant reminder of your love.

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It’s a thing of wonder of how women of these days doesn’t respect their husbands anymore. They talk to their husband anyhow and in any place. They don’t take good care of their husband but do all these for their pastors.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t respect your pastor. BUT your husband is MORE IMPORTANT.

Husbands please do not discuss your Home, your marriages with friends. The more you talk negative and complain about your wife to your friends the more you bring down your wife.

You are indirectly giving them the right to disrespects her. She is your pride. Protect her.

You know how you try to run away from submission as a woman, stop it.

Tips To Safeguard Your Marriage

Tips To Safeguard Your Marriage, Gloria Okonye writes. 

You are to be submissive to him. If you even want to talk or make suggestions, you are to talk with politeness.

He is the spiritual head of the home, sing praises to him, hold him in high esteem, call him sweet names.

A wise woman builds her home but a foolish woman tears down her home.
A wise man leads his family and not neglect them.



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