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2 Year Old Girl Eaten By Crocodiles

2 year-old girl eaten by crocodiles

2 year-old girl eaten by crocodiles

Police in Cambodia has released the photo of the two-year-old girl eaten by crocodiles on her family’s farm in Siem Reap province’s Siem Reap city, Cambodia on Sunday, after she wandered off into the enclosure alone.


Captain Chem Chamnan, municipal deputy police chief, identified the victim as Rom Roath Neary. She was found dead at her family’s crocodile farm in Siem Reap city at 10am on Sunday morning.

“Her father only found her skull in the crocodile enclosure, where she was killed by crocodiles,” he said.

The mother is pictured holding the skull of the girl after it was picked up from the crocodile farm.

Lieutenant Och Sophen, chief of Siem Reap commune police, said that on the day of the incident, the girl was home with her mother.


Lt Sophen noted that the family had recently welcomed a newborn baby. As the mother was busy taking care of the baby, she lost sight of her elder daughter, he added. When the father came home at 10am, he found his daughter’s skull in the crocodile enclosure, he said.


“When he came back home, he couldn’t find his daughter in the house,” Lt Sophen said. “He found a skull in the crocodile enclosure.

He confirmed that the daughter fell into the crocodile enclosure and that the crocodiles killed her, leaving only her skull.”

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He also confirm that the family had built a fence around the farm, but children could still fit through them.


“His farm is located behind the house, and the small girl came to play around and fell in while her mother was busy taking care of another daughter, who had just been born,” Lt Sophen said.

We convey our condolences to the family. The mother hugged her daughter’s skull in shock,” he added.

We appeal to all families who have crocodile farms to pay attention to all family members, especially small children.


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