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Basic Tips In Creating A CV/Résumé

Basic Tips In Creating A CV/Résumé

Basic Tips On Creating A CV/Résumé

* Your CV should be updated regularly as you accomplish new feats or gather more experiences


* CV should be tailored to fit the Job you are applying for.


* Avoid fancy CV templates online. Work terrain here is different. Appearance and organisation matters a lot in CVs writing.


* Avoid sending your CVs in JPEG form, or as a link to google document. If you are scared of leaving it in .docx then .PDF is a better option


* Check your CV before sending it, some persons go the miles of getting a graphic designer to work on their CV only for them to be posing challenge to the HR Manager with the error message ‘unsupported file format.’


* Maintain same font type.


* Let your choice of font be very easy on the eyes If your pictures is not demanded for, it is wise not to include it.


* The CV and Cover Letters are two different document, avoid sending one with the intention that it is a good fit for the two document. That’s the decision of the HR Manager.



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