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Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation 

 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation

61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation(Must Read) 61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation

By Bisi Adewale

Culled from my coming book titled: EXCELLENT MANHOOD

A Very Beautiful Wife in her late 30s walked into my office some weeks ago dejected, looking for help.

Her problem, her Husband of more than 10 years, the Father of her 3 Children abandoned her a d ran away with a 62 years old retiree who was his Business Partner.

Few days later another Woman came whose Husband impregnated her best friend who was Chief bride made in her Wedding.

Just few days ago a Woman also came this time with her husband, he was caught sleeping with the Housemaid.

61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation(Must Read) 

Hearing these stories and many more of them compelled me to write this piece because I discover lots of Married Men are carelessly breaking Sexual rules and Marriage ethics putting themselves in ugly situations, scandalizing themselves, destroying beautiful lives hurting beautiful Homes.


  1. Never have a close relationship with any Lady, single or Married By whatever name, spiritual Daughter, secretary, Colleague, Neighbor, House Maids, Wives of Friends.
  2. Never get emotionally attached to any lady other than your own legally married wife.

  3. Avoid Celebrating any Woman apart from your Wife, Mother and Daughter on Social Media. Don’t send wrong signals to Ladies

  4. Always bear in mind that the lady who cheaply offers herself to you will offer herself to anybody and fight you dirty tomorrow.

  5. Never take advantage of any Lady who is under you, don’t do it, you are in the place of trust, don’t destroy your life.

  6. Never give financial assistance to any lady at work, in the neighbourhood or anywhere without the consent and cooperation of your wife, this will safe your head in future.

  7. Never meet with ladies in lonely places, parked Cars, street corners

  8. Never allow your heart to lust after any lady, there is nothing they have that your wife does not have even better with security.

  9. Don’t eat from ladies who consistently give you cooked food for any reason Remember, food is another way to a man’s heart.


61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation(Must Read) 


  1. Put on your Wedding ring always
  2. Rebuke indecent dressing and don’t tolerate anyone to dress sexily around you, if they see you are Comfortable with it they begin to come for you.

  3. If any lady is giving you signs for sex, openly rebuke her. Say no, boldly and calmly

  4. Never start any dirty and naughty discussion with any lady. You can’t know how far this will take you, be careful carry yourself with dignity.

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It Is Better To Be Single Than To Be In An Unfaithful Relationship.

  1. Don’t hide any secret from your wife. Be totally open this safe your head.
  2. Make your wife your best friend and flaunt her anywhere and anyhow. Put her picture as a screen saver on your Phone, Laptop and tablet.

  3. Celebrate your wife birthday and wedding anniversary lavishly on Social media and everywhere, this will send signals to Girls that you love your wife and not available for them.

  4. Never hide your marital status, let them know that you are married.

  5. Never use the word I love you for any Female apart from your Wife and Daughter. This can be misinterpreted

61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation(Must Read) 

  1. Always talk about your wife. It chases bad girls who want you away.

20, Your discussions about your Wife should be a positive one, never speak negatively about her or other Women.

  1. If you are not enjoying your Marriage please do not share this with any Female, see a Counsellor
  2. Cut all contacts with all your Exes and all you’ve had Sex with before Marriage if you don’t do you may fall back together again destroying your Marriage and theirs.

  3. Profess your love to your wife anywhere.

  4. If any lady begins to come too close to you, kindly report to your wife with name, phone number and her details

61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation

  1. Be nice to female Colleagues, Church members, Neighbors etc but you must be strict and disciplined when you notice any bad move
  2. Always remember that the enjoyment that is just 8 Seconds, it can not be more than that but its répercussion can last a lifetime and even eternity, please don’t mortgage your life for a Maximum of Seconds of orgasm.

  3. Avoid night parties: Partying encourages sexual immorality if you truly want to be faithful avoid night Parties.

  4. Avoid Alcohol. When you drink alcohol you look your sense of decency with Women, please avoid Alcohol.

  5. Remember sexually transmitted diseases. It’s true that sexually transmitted is possible when you don’t keep to your Wife, don’t destroy your life because of a moment of pleasure.

  6. Don’t Think CONDOM use Good CONDUCT: Condom can break, it can not even protect you from the scandal, shame, reproach, broken trust and the judgement of God, good conduct is what you need, not Condom.

  7. Always Remember your vows: you promised to keep to your wife on your wedding day, be a promise keeper, remember your Vow.

  8. Avoid night Clubs: Night Clubs is not for Men that want to keep to their Marriage Vows avoid it.

  9. No Flirty Jokes: Don’t crack flirty jokes with any lady, don’t do it.

  10. No Hugs: Avoid hugging Women carelessly, don’t do it, it’s not a show of love, do that through a handshake, hug only your wife.

61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation(Must Read) 

  1. No Shoulder touch: Avoid touching Women on their Shoulder when talking to them.

The shoulder is close to the breasts, Shoulder touch is also a sign of assurance of love, only your wife deserves that.

  1. No private Meals: Avoid having private Lunch or dinner privately with any Lady apart from your Wife, eating together generate love and feelings, don’t start the fire that will consume you.
  2. No Car ride: Avoid giving private Car ride with Ladies, except in a group. Spending Hours with a Lady traffic can build affinity that can pull you down.

  3. No Secret Chatting: No secret or flirty chat with any Lady.

  4. No private Meeting: Never hold any meeting with any Lady that your wife must not know about

  5. No Porn: Pornography can never satisfy you, but will destroy your ability to resist Sexual temptation and turn to your dirty secret and your addiction, keeping you busy without taking you to anywhere.

  6. No code on Phone: Don’t put code on your phone to hide it from your wife, if there must be code, your wife must know it if you are a real and faithful man.

  7. If you must think sexy think your wife, avoid Lust and inordinate affection.

  8. If you must look at breast look at your wife’s. She is having the best breast in the world.

  9. If you must look at Bum your wife has it in abundance. Stop looking at the backside of any Lady, you much than that.

61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation(Must Read) 

  1. Have an accountability Partner: Have somebody you can talk to if you feel tempted
  2. Be careful with your Wife’s Friends, some of them want you, don’t get too close, don’t get too familiar, respect yourself.

  3. Beware of your Wife’s House Maid, DONT SLEEP WITH HER!!

Don’t tolerate sexy dress from her, no tying of towel around the house, no sleeping carelessly in the living room.

If she is getting too hot for you let her go don’t pretend, tell your wife.

  1. Don’t have any Lady’s Number on your phone that your wife does not know who she is
  2. Stop Counselling Vulnerable Women about their Marriage or Sex life, you are not a Counsellor, you are not trained for that, you may put yourself in trouble.

  3. If you want sex, go back home, get it from your wife.

  4. Enjoy hugging your Wife, hold her hands play with her, be very close to her to keep your mind from straying.

  5. Increase SDA in your Marriage: SDA is Secret Display of Affection, use every opportunity to display affection to Your Wife in the secret when it’s between just two of you.

  6. Increase FDA in your Marriage: FDA is Family Display Affection. Show love generously to your wife in the presence of your Children, Housemaid and People that live in your house, this will strengthen your Marriage.

  7. Increase PDA in your Marriage: PDA is Public Display of Affection, display affection public don’t be ashamed of your wife.

  8. Date your Wife Regularly: Create time to go out with your Wife on a date, set time for it and grow together.

  9. Break unbreakable Bond with your Wife.

  10. Don’t just be a Husband be a Lover Boy

  11. Always count the Cost of Adultery: Lots of Men do look at the pleasure of illicit sex without counting the cost.

Count the cost, this is much, Sexually transmitted diseases, Scandals, unwanted Baby, disappointments, satanic affliction, the judgement of God and lots.

Count the cost, it’s much, very much, outweighs 8 seconds of pleasure.

  1. Be careful about your secretary and your Collègue at Work, they are not better than your wife, your wife is by far better than them, don’t get too close to them, don’t destroy your Marriage.
  2. If your wife is not satisfying you sexually, all she needs is knowledge.

  3. You want a better Bedroom? You want better Sex, you can get it in your Marriage.

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61 Massive Tips That Can Assist Married Men To Overcome Sexual Temptation(Must Read)

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