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Asteroid from space to hit earth. NASA reports..

A UK local blog has given a devasted post this afternoon on another drastic disaster to befall humans amidst the pandemic disease we are facing.

It has it that an ASTERIOD from the space is about to hit our planet earth within the month of april.

It has it this way “CLARIFICATION: This article originally claimed that asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2) will approach our planet in April, and that the rock would be “heading our way”.

In fact it will pass on close approach at an estimated distance of 3.9 million miles from Earth.

The article was also accompanied by a graphic showing a stylised asteroid hitting Earth.

The diameter of that stylised asteroid was 1,500km, not the 4.1km which asteroid 52768 (1998OR2) actually measures.

That graphic has been removed. In addition, a graphic marked ‘asteroid warning’ has also been removed.”

Asteroid from space to hit earth. NASA reports.. 1

An asteroid which is big enough to end civilisation should it ever hit will make a close approach to our planet in April, NASA’s asteroid trackers have found.
The asteroid is listed by NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies’ (CNEOS) in California, US. The asteroid has been officially called 52768 (1998 OR2) and is estimated measure up 2.5 miles (4.1km) across”

It is not yet known as to where in particular it is going to hit but for sure it is heading earth. We are hereby to stay by this post, being alerted about out safety is the paramount.

As days passes by, NASA will therefore provide us with necessary information needed for our safety.

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