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See The World’s First Pregnant Man

The World First Pregnant Man

The World First Pregnant Man

Guinness World Records 2010, named Beatie the “World’s First Married Man to Give Birth”. In a TV broadcast from Rome, Italy, Guinness World Records gave him the title of “Unico Uomo Incinto al Mondo,”which means “World’s First Pregnant Man.”

The World First Pregnant Man

In mid 1997, Beatie came out as a trans man Beatie had sex reassignment medical procedure in March 2002 and got known as “the pregnant man” after he got pregnant through planned impregnation (artificial insemination) in 2007.

The World First Pregnant Man

Beatie decided to be pregnant on the grounds that his better half Nancy was fruitless, doing so with cryogenic donated sperm.


Beatie has since given birth to three kids.


The couple petitioned for legal separation in 2012.

The World First Pregnant Man

The Beatie case is the first of its sort on record, where a reported legitimate male conceived an offspring within a heterosexual marriage with a woman.

The World First Pregnant Man

And for the first time, a court challenged a marriage where the spouse conceived an offspring.

Early life

Born Tracy LaGondino, Beatie experienced childhood in Honolulu, Hawaii , the first of two kids. Beatie’s mom was from San Francisco, and of English , Irish, Scottish, and Welsh plunge. His dad, of Korean and Filipino plunge, was brought up in Hawaii.


Beatie writes that he began to self-relate to the male gender at age ten. As an adolescent, Beatie was a model and Miss Hawaii Teen USA event finalist.


The World First Pregnant Man


In 1996, Beatie moved on from the University of Hawaii with a degree in health science (pre-med) and later sought after an Executive MBA.


He contended in full-contact battling and was a dark belt and competition champion in Taekwondo .



In March 2002, Beatie experienced sex reassignment medical procedure including a twofold mastectomy , otherwise called “top surgery”, and authoritatively changed his sex marker from “female” to “male” on his state and federal identity documents.


Preceding marriage he formally changed his name, picking Trace as a middle name based on his birth name, Tracy.


Beatie wedded Nancy Gillespie in a lawfully substantial heterosexual marriage in Hawaii on February 5, 2003.


Beatie was additionally recorded as “male” on his health and life insurance policy. The couple moved to Bend, Oregon in 2005.


At the point when the two chose to begin a family, Beatie decided to carry the child, since Nancy couldn’t because of an earlier hysterectomy .


He had the option to get pregnant, having held his female reproductive organs.


Beatie suspended testosterone hormone treatment so as to conceive twice with donor sperm, conceiving the two youngsters without inconveniences.


In February 2012, Beatie chose to have “lower” medical procedure , including the formation of a functional penis.


The methodology, performed by transgender specialist Marci Bowers , was archived on his second appearance of The Doctors , in 2012.


The strategy, called a ring metoidioplasty , included exchange of tissue, extension of the hormonally broadened phallus, just as urethral development and extending.

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